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El Doradito Restaurant & Recepcion Salon

Street Address
4619 S Park AVE, Tucson, AZ, 85714
(520) 806-0049
Reviews (1)
This place is a "hole in the wall" type of eatery. However, the food is good and priced accordingly. The service is also good. However, the cashier--who claims to be the one who supervises everyone else, is rude, unattentive, has a nasty and unprofessional attitude. She does not acknowledge customers' presence let alone greet or thank them for their business. She only states the total amount due when collecting payment and nothing else. The food and the prices do not offset this woman's bad attitude. We will never go back and do not recommend this eatery to anyone. With the ecomony the way it is, this woman should be grateful that some people are willing to spend their hard earned money at El Doradito. I would rather pay a little more, at a nicer place, that will appreciate my business.